On The Move

CLARISSA WARD recently signs new agreement as Chief International Correspondent at CNN.

JACKIE DEANGELIS recently joins Fox Business Network and Fox News as a Business and News Correspondent. Jackie, also an attorney, was previously with CNBC.

BLAYNE ALEXANDER moves to NBC News as a correspondent based in Atlanta, GA after being at NBC NewsChannel as a correspondent in Washington D.C. 

TANYA RIVERO was promoted to Anchor/Corespondent at CBSN and CBS News.  She was promoted from freelancer at CBSN.

VICTOR BLACKWELL renews with CNN as co-anchor for New Day Weekend.

AKIKO FUJITA recently joined Yahoo Finance as an Anchor/Correspondent based in New York.  Prior to this, Akiko was a host for Squawk Box on CNBC Asia.

JESSE WEBER signs new deal as a Legal Host of Law and Crime on Dan Abrams' Trial Network. 

TIM MCNICHOLAS signs a deal with WBBM in Chicago as a full time reporter; he was previously a freelancer at the station.

BOB BROOKS renews at WPVI in Philadelphia as one of the station's lead reporters.

RIELLE CREIGHTON signed a full-time deal as a reporter and fill-in anchor for WFOR in Miami.

ALEXANDRIA HOFF is co-anchoring the KYW's new 4 pm show in Philadelphia, in addition to fill-in anchoring and reporting on the station's other weekday newscasts.

RICK RITTER was recently promoted to main anchor for the 5 and 11 pm newscasts at WJZ in Baltimore. Rick is also anchoring the station's newly launched 7 pm show.

ASHLEY ROWE remains at WKBW in Buffalo to anchor the 5, 6 and 11 pm shows.

CHRIS TANAKA has signed a new deal to be the Main Evening Anchor at WOIO in Cleveland.

The above journalists are represented by Steve Herz, Carol Perry, Jeff Feldman at IF Management/The Montag Group.  ifmanagement.com 212.265.7711

“There is life after cancer, and, for me, it is joy in every moment.”- Holly Rowe

The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation interviewed Holly Rowe about her journey and fight with cancer: 

As a Sports Emmy nominee, Holly Rowe has worked at ESPN since 1998 and is the network’s most popular college football sideline reporter. But that’s not all, if you watch college or professional basketball or softball on television, you’ve probably seen Holly Rowe on the sidelines interviewing players and coaches or heard her play-by-play commentating.

With a true passion for her career, Holly hasn’t let anything get in the way of it – not even cancer. In May 2015, Holly was diagnosed with desmoplastic melanoma, a rare, invasive form of cancer. Throughout her battle, she has continued working and traveling for ESPN, which has been a source of inspiration for her.

Holly is still battling stage IV metastatic melanoma. She has a tumor in her lung and is undergoing immunotherapy every 21 days. The ESPN reporter recently discussed cancer survivorship and what keeps her going throughout her cancer journey with the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation.

NCSD: Why do you celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day?
Holly: I celebrate every day that I continue to live despite cancer. It has focused my priorities and helped me focus much better at seeking out the best possible day, each and every day. 

Everyone defines “cancer survivor” in their own way. What does being a survivor mean to you?
Fighter. This is an absolute grind, and it is so easy to get worn down and discouraged. I am constantly giving myself pep talks and finding my inner strength on days I feel down. Getting up and going after the day – every single day – is a challenge, so I keep fighting and finding things to look forward to in life to keep me moving forward. There is so much about cancer I have no control over – my scans, my side effects, my treatments, but I do control my attitude and that is powerful.

Finish this sentence: There is life after cancer, and, for me, it is…
…joy in every moment. I am in wonder at all the time I have wasted in life focusing on and being stressed out over dumb stuff. I am learning to let go and just be joyful in each moment.

What do you think people should know about the realities of cancer survivorship? And do you have any suggestions for ways individuals or society can help?
We need to be talking more about preventing cancer. I am constantly shocked by the number of young people in my oncology and chemo treatment room. We can help survivorship with MUCH more focus on prevention. I am doing all I can to be an advocate and help people avoid getting melanoma. I’m working with AIM at Melanoma and the Melanoma Research Foundation to spread awareness for prevention. 

Also, being patient with those going through treatment… There are so many emotions you go through, it can be stressful, depressing, encouraging, hopeful – this giant swing of feeling. I have learned to really be honest with people when I am struggling or when I need extra care and patience. It helps them know why I am behaving a certain way or how they can help. 

What keeps you going? What inspires you?
Well, this is going to sound so weird and dumb, but I am obsessed with my job. Mostly because I love sports – as in really, really, really, love sports. I finally got a few days off and the first thing I did was go to a basketball game. Every single day I go to work I see people fight to win. I recently covered Oklahoma at UCLA gymnastics. I was tired, not feeling my best, but I showed up for work. It was spectacular. Six perfect 10's were scored in an epic contest highlighted by a tribute to all the survivors of sexual abuse by Dr. Nasser. These teams came together to support the young women on each team who had been victims. 

I could not quit crying to do the post-meet interviews because I was in awe of the resilience of these young women. I will keep being resilient in my very different challenge. It is absolutely the best therapy I can possibly have to keep me strong and fighting by watching others do it every single day. Also, my family… I have so much more to give in life. I am desperately clinging to my job as a mother and doing it the best I can. I want to enjoy every moment with my son. There is so much I want to give as a mother, daughter, sister, friend and servant to others.

Is there anything you want to say about surviving cancer, or life after cancer, or celebrating it? What one thing do you want people to know? 
I feel funny about the word surviving because I am still so deep in the fight against this disease. I don't want to jinx myself. But I will choose to be hopeful and pray that I will be a survivor for years to come. I am learning that there are a million little moments of joy in every day. Cancer is teaching me to stop missing the joyful moments. Stop worrying about things that ultimately don't matter. Choose joy every single day, every moment. It is serving me well. 

I have gotten really specific about doing the things that bring me joy. Some call it a bucket list. I am keeping a joyful moments journal, and it is remarkable when I look back at the entries. It brings such a smile to my heart – simple, easy moments that make up the fabric of a joyful existence. I am not perfect, but I am learning so much about how to be a better, happier person. As hard as going through cancer has been and continues to be, I am so grateful for all I am learning along the way. 

Q&A with Our President Steve Herz

In an interview with David J. Halberstam, Steve talks about his start in the agency world as well as some of the talent he represents. He also goes on to answer questions regarding how broadcasters can be successful in the industry and what he does to help his clients achieve their goals. Check out the article below : https://www.sportsannouncersreportcard.com/blog/qa-with-steve-herz 

IF Clients on the Call this Bowl Season

Lots of IF clients will be calling games across all networks for this college football bowl season. Here is a preview of all of the games that our clients will be calling:


Saturday December 16th:

-Jason Benetti- 1 PM- Troy vs. North Texas (ESPN)

-Carter Blackburn- 2:30 PM- Georgia State University vs. Western Kentucky University (CBSSN)

-Anish Shroff- 4:30 PM- Marshall vs. Colorado State (ESPN)


Thursday December 21st:

-Anish Shroff- 8 PM- Temple vs. Florida International (ESPN)


Saturday December 23rd:

-Tom Hart- 12 PM- Texas Tech vs. South Florida (ESPN)


Tuesday December 26th:

-Jason Benetti- 9 PM- Kansas State vs UCLA (ESPN)


Wednesday December 27th:

-Anish Shroff- 1:30 PM- Southern Mississippi vs. Florida State (ESPN)


Thursday December 28th:

-Anthony Becht- 5:15PM- Virginia Tech vs Oklahoma State (ESPN)


Friday December 29th:

-Jason Benetti- 1 PM- Wake Forest vs. Texas A&M (ESPN)

-Mike Corey- 4:30 PM- Kentucky vs. Northwestern (ESPN Radio)

-Brock Huard- 8:30 PM- USC vs. Ohio State (ESPN)


Saturday December 30th:

-Dave Flemming, Anthony Becht- 8 PM- Wisconsin vs. Miami (ESPN Radio)

-Tom Hart- 12 PM- Louisville vs. Mississippi State (ESPN)


Monday January 1st:

-Dave Flemming, Brock Huard- 12:30 PM- UCF vs. Auburn (ESPN)

-Tom Hart-12:30 PM- UCF vs. Auburn (ESPN Radio)

-Anthony Becht- 1 PM- Notre Dame vs. No. 17 LSU (ESPN Radio)

-Holly Rowe- 8:45 PM- Alabama vs. Clemson (ESPN)


Monday January 8th:

-Holly Rowe- 8 PM College Football National Championship (ESPN Radio)


IF Management/The Montag Group Merges with Vision Sports


IF Management/The Montag Group is merging its talent representation and consulting business with Vision Sports. The combined companies will work under The Montag Group name moving forward, while the IF name will remain as the news division of The Montag Group. We are very excited about this joint partnership and are looking forward to many successful years to come!

The complete press release can be found below.

VIA Sports Business Journal:

Ten months after merging its talent operations with IF Management, The Montag Group merged with another agency: Vision Sports run by Maury Gostfrand.

The combined companies will work under The Montag Group name.

“A lot of people thought that The Montag Group would be a boutique agency,” said Sandy Montag, who founded the company in 2014. “We’ve developed into a medium-sized agency. In the world we live, I like the size we are now. We’re not a one-man operation. We’re not worldwide. But we have a really good imprint in the industry.”

Montag said the merger will give the company increased bargaining power when negotiating several talent deals with networks rather than one at a time.

“It gives you a bigger power base of information knowledge,” Montag said. “It’s more on the brainstorming and sharing of information.”

Montag, who worked with IMG until he broke off on his own three years ago, comes to the venture with some of the biggest names in sports broadcasting, people like Bob Costas, Jim Nantz, Mike Tirico and Scott Van Pelt.

IF Management’s Steve Herz (Dan Shulman, Brian Anderson) and Gostfrand (Kenny Smith, Jay Glazer) also have big-name clients. Montag said Herz and Gostfrand have been effective at finding new talent.

“Steve and Maury have a great ability to find sports broadcasters when they are on their way up with a ton of upside,” Montag said. “When I started my own, we had 65 really good clients. I believe in playing a little more defense sometimes. If you have great clients, you want to make sure they are happy as opposed to trying to find someone coming out of Utica, New York.”

The newly merged company signed three new clients, including former Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell, NBC Sports’ Kathryn Tappen and NFL Network’s David Carr.

Since January, the merged company operated under two names: The Montag Group and IF Management. Now, everything will be branded under The Montag Group except for IF Management’s news division, which will retain the IF brand, Montag said.

To access the press release on SBJ's website, click here (subscription required).