Matt Yallof Bounces Back from Stroke with a Refreshing Perspective on Life

After suffering from a stroke nearly eight months ago, Matt Yallof has made it back to center stage with MLB Network, but has returned with new outlook on life following his experience. After a week in the ICU and a month of rehab, Yallof made the life change from being a previously anxious and worried person to concentrating on living in the moment.

Since then, The Rundown host has persevered against hard times, including having to re-learn how to walk and speak again. Yet, he has refused to let the lasting health consequences slow him down, and will be taking on a host role with MLB Network Strike Zone. Yallof described in an interview with Awful Announcing that, “I went from living a life of What’s next, what’s next, what’s next?” he says, “to living a life of What’s happening now?”

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