Yallof Making an Impact: Partners with National Stroke Association

After suffering from a life changing stroke in July 2016, Matt Yallof has decided to dedicate his comeback toward living in the moment. The MLB Network studio show host has partnered with the National Stroke Association (NSA), and is giving back by participating in their initiatives to spread awareness and raise money. Check out the video below to hear from Matt himself on not only why he feels lucky to be alive, but why he has chosen to partner with the National Stroke Association.  

Speaking to Matt about his experience, it is easy to sense the passion and appreciation he has for National Stroke Association. As he explained himself:

 "After I was coherent enough to truly understand what had happened to me, it was shortly after that, that I saw other people in the clinic I was in-- people that were younger and in much worse shape then I was in. And it really affected me that there are people who are so impacted by this, that if I have any reach whatsoever, that I want to use that to help just like I had a ton of help. I'm lucky...I had my family, my extended family, I had incredible doctors and therapists and not everyone is that fortunate. And I don't know what they would do if they didn't have some kind of help with an organization that is in their corner.

The NSA has been incredible in my conversations with them and with the work that they do to help anyone involved in a stroke- whether it's family, people who are care-taking or the people who had the stroke themselves. But my hope down the line is that ultimately I would like to raise money for those who can not afford the care that they have to have. It's a very difficult thing to see, people in the shape they are in. Before I went into the rehabilitation clinic, I was in the ICU for about 8 days, and I wasn't down on my luck because I understood quickly how lucky I was compared to other people. And when I got to the clinic it was obviously people who were recovering and it just hit me all over again that I won the lottery compared to some people." 

In addition to partnering with the National Stroke Association, Yallof has also decided to give back to the same first organization that saved his life nearly nine months ago. He recently participated in the Heels & Wheels 5K with his three children to raise money for the Burke Rehabilitation and Research Center, where Matt was treated after his stroke. In addition to his recent work, Matt sat down with Ken Rosenthal to talk about his comeback and his involvement with the NSA. You can watch the full sit down by viewing below or by clicking here

To learn more about Matt’s journey, read Awful Announcing’s feature story on him by clicking here, and to support Matt, you can donate to his YouCaring fund here.