Rowe as Keynote Speaker for SBRMC's Healthy Woman

ESPN's Reporter, Holly Rowe, made an impactful appearance at South Baldwin Regional Medical Center Resource's evening event, Healthy Woman. After struggling with recent battles with melanoma, Rowe shared her love of sports and knowledge about overcoming obstacles to connect with women everywhere. 

Addressing a packed house, Rowe had an intention for her speech. "My goal for us tonight is that maybe something in my story and my journey will help you either as caregivers, or to take care of yourselves," she said. “I’m learning about how bad I was at taking care of myself, and so I want all of us to be inspired to take better care of ourselves and our health.”

Rowe also gave insight into her own fight against cancer and shared her ideas of preventative measures to lessen severity as a key take away for the audience. To read more about Holly's speech and the event, you can do so by clicking here.