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Mackenzie Smith, Director of Client Services


Twitter: @ifmanagement

Mackenzie joined the IF team directly after graduating from Vanderbilt University in May 2016. A natural people person with a contagious personality, Mackenzie brings her spirited nature and desire for success to the IF team and their clients.

Mackenzie has never been one to take “no” as an answer, and has constantly strived to push the boundaries. For as long as she has remembered, her dream profession rested in the media and entertainment industry. At Vanderbilt, she took on the tedious task of creating her own major labeled Communications, Media, & Management. She also conducted an independent study analyzing the future of news and broadcasting in the media in light of generational shifts. Through this experience, she was able to develop and polish an unmatched skillset that has impressively prepared her to hit the ground running.

The tenacious and competitive drive she shows has largely been developed through her long run as a successful athlete. In high school, Mackenzie was ranked one of the top lacrosse players in the country and became the first ever lacrosse player from Florida to receive a scholarship to compete at the Division 1 level at Vanderbilt.

During her time as a student-athlete, Mackenzie left no stone unturned. She pursued multiple internships, which included CBS News, Viacom, and Irie Music Corporation. Additionally, she was an active member with on campus media- working with the school’s television network on the news and sports side, writing for the student newspaper, and helping launch and create content for The Tab.

A small town girl from Vero Beach, Florida, Mackenzie has found New York City to be the perfect home to suite her lively personality and zest for life. In her free time, you can find her exploring the newest restaurants, searching for exciting events to attend, or laughing to herself about some video she saw on Instagram.

Fun Fact: Mackenzie had a week of fame after a video of her dropping her birthday cake on her 23rd birthday went viral on the Internet. It received close to 2.5 million views.