Shaari Gross Cohen

Image Coach


Shaari Gross joins IF Management as the team stylist/image coach. She combines her extensive knowledge about fashion and acumen for style with her vast experience in sales to motivate IF’s clients to always “sell” their best selves. She treats each client as a singular project – she gets to know them individually and explores their comfort zones. She always starts her sessions asking her clients how they want to be perceived and what makes them special and then helps them utilize their unique qualities to stand out from the crowd and inevitably take their careers to the next level.  She coaches on all aspects of “image” and gives an honest assessment and valuable insights on clothing, hair, makeup, body language and facial expressions.

With more than fifteen years experience working in the fashion industry, including as the owner of her own high-end showroom, Shaari has an expert eye for style. She is credited for launching numerous contemporary brands such as Madison Marcus and SW3 Bespoke and working closely with high-end retailers including Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th Avenue, Bloomingdales, and Bergdorf Goodman.

Shaari began collaborating with IF Management in 2014, helping on-air talent solidify their style and increase their confidence, both internally and externally. She truly believes that there is a correlation between looking good and feeling good, which leads to success both on and off the air.

After graduating from Northwestern University in 2000 with a double major in theatre and political science, Shaari moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actress. She landed a job as an assistant at a fashion showroom to help pay the rent as she went on the daily rounds of auditioning. It didn’t take long for fate to step in; Shaari soon became the company’s top salesperson. She was then faced with her “sliding doors” moment and decided to put her acting career on hold and focus on working in fashion full-time.

Shaari moved cross-country to NYC in 2006 to open a women’s contemporary showroom, which she owned and operated for nine years. She also recently served as President of Sales for a women’s wholesale designer with collections in some of the most popular stores around the world.

Shaari, raised in Boca Raton, Florida, currently lives in Chappaqua, NY with her husband and daughter, Mirabella. A Boca girl at heart, Shaari and her family jet off to Florida any chance they get.


A few remarks on Shaari’s services from some of her clients….

“Shaari has a sharp eye and a serious flair for fashion! As a television news reporter with a fashion handicap, I came to Shaari seeking someone to pep up my wardrobe and my look. Shaari wasted no time: she studied my resume reel, and she quickly told me how to streamline my on-air appearance. She stressed which colors and styles worked for me, and which I should never wear again. I was relieved to hear the honest assessment. Shaari told me exactly what makeup colors to transition to, and where to go to get the best quality makeup. She also consistently sends me online links to clothes that would work well for my body-type, and low and behold, she always gets it right on the money! Shaari has a knack for dressing other people, and I feel like she is always looking out for my best interests, and wants to see me look as good as possible.” – Jessica Schneider, CBS Correspondent

“It just never occurred to me to work with a stylist – and I was definitely skeptical starting out. But from the moment I tried out my first new item – something I would’ve never bought or even tried at the store on my own – Shaari totally wowed me! I know the change is real because people are coming up to me and complimenting me in a way they never did before. My goal was to project a stronger image at work – and Shaari has given me the confidence to do that. Clothes are important – it’s part of the whole package of public speaking and you can be taken a little more seriously simply because of what you wear. The experience was so wonderful, fun, and empowering that Shaari also started helping me out with my personal wardrobe. It’s been awesome!!! I feel as if my own style has changed and that is an exciting feeling.” – Melissa Chan, Al Jazeera Correspondent