Lexi Strumor Saldin Headhshot.jpg

Lexi Strumor Saldin

Director, Hosting & Unscripted

Email: lexi@ifmanagement.com

Lexi began her career in the development department at Patchett Kaufman Entertainment (“ALF,” “In The Line of Duty”). Aside from running car loads of ALF merchandise all over Hollywood, she read mountains of scripts and ran casting sessions for producers. Lexi made the jump to artist representation while working for literary manager Alan Nevins at the fast-paced (and somewhat infamous) music/film/television management company, The Firm. There, she worked on exciting book projects like “The Doors by The Doors, with Ben Fong-Torres,” and had almost daily run-ins with Criss Angel, Goldie Hawn and Snoop Dogg.

While reading mountains of galleys for potential book projects and getting to know and love a diverse roster of clients, Lexi found her calling in artist representation. She next made the jump to broadcast and unscripted at Ken Lindner & Associates. Under the mentorship of Karen Wang-Lavelle, Lexi earned her status as an AFTRA franchised agent. For the last ten years, Lexi has worked with some of the best and brightest in unscripted, sports and broadcast news.

Approximately three years ago, Steve Herz plucked Lexi out of an eight month hiatus as a stay-at-home-mom and gave her the incredible opportunity to become IF Management’s first Los Angeles liaison and executive! From TV anchors to sports reporters, celebrity stylists to ghost hunters, Lexi has had the pleasure of working with and finding opportunities for diverse and truly unforgettable clients.