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About IF Management

The digital and media worlds are continuously evolving, so you’d better have representation with an eye towards the future.

For nearly two decades, IF has been providing its clients – who are now today’s top broadcasters, journalists, and sports and media personalities – with expert advice, constructive feedback, and thoughtful, smart career management.  All while prioritizing and maintaining integrity and honesty, and earning recognition as industry thought leaders.

Charting a road map to your destination starts with careful and diligent planning; combine that with relationships, influence, and hard work… the IF formula.

Client Testimonials

  • Steve Harrigan
    Fox News

    IF Client Since 2001

    “Steve Herz took a chance on me when I was a nobody, because he trusted his instincts and liked my tape. Within six months he had four job offers for me. He got me the exact job I wanted, covering hotspots for a great network. I’ve sent friends to IF Management for a bunch of reasons: they are honest, they are aggressive, and they are street smart. Besides that, they think ahead. Even after they’ve gotten you something, they are thinking of the next step.”

  • Tanya Rivero
    Wall Street Journal

    IF Client Since 2012

    “It’s a great feeling to know the smartest, hardest working agents in the business have my back. A team renowned for its refreshing honesty and integrity, which goes a long way in a business where those qualities are often in short supply. And as an added bonus: they actually care about the whole person, not just the client.”

  • Greg Amsinger
    MLB Network

    IF Client Since 2003

    “When you’re looking for the right agent and management team, people often tell you to find the ‘right fit.’ You want to know, ‘Where’s my Jerry Maguire?’

    For me, IF Management has always been about three things:

    Friendship. This team takes on clients they respect. They want to nurture a relationship that’s mutual and long-lasting. They know it all starts with a foundation of truly caring about their clients… their lives, their families, their dreams. I’ll never forget meeting Steve in person for the first time. He returned from a business trip, walked into his own apartment and saw me, my wife and 5-month-old daughter sitting in his living room! Since we didn’t know anyone in NYC, he offered us his apartment while we looked for our own home. Incredible.

    Intuition. When an agent considers your career, they need to get a feel for you and where you’re going. IF knows how to get to the heart of me. They consider my goals, but also how I can surpass them. IF has taught me to avoid the word complacency.

    Truth. The strongest agent and client relationships rely on giving it to each other straight. This group told me up front the hard truths AND the good news. Truth is what makes me trust IF Management above all else.

    Not everyone can be a client of IF Management, but everyone should want what we have. It’s much more than a business relationship. These are friendships for a lifetime.”

  • Clarissa Ward
    CBS News

    IF Client Since 2007

    “People often come to me asking for advice about finding an agent. I always urge them to meet Steve and Carol. They have represented me since 2007, guiding my career through some important and difficult transitions. They are tenacious and dedicated and smart and persistent. More importantly though, they listen- to what motivates me, what my strengths are, what my goals are- and they have supported me endlessly in trying to forge a path that feels true to who I am. They explain and advise but they don’t bully or force. I don’t know any other agents out there who devote as much time and as much thought to their clients and their work as Steve and Carol. They just get it. Oh, and they’re smart and cool as well and I consider them to be friends, which makes working together all the more fun.”

  • Dan Shulman

    IF Client Since 1998

    “Steve Herz and I met thru a neighbor of mine in 1994 when I was working exclusively in Canada; at first we struck up a friendship, which eventually led to a business relationship.  I have been an IF client for almost 20 years, and consider myself very lucky to have been with them for that long.  The people at IF are hard-working, conscientious and represent me in a way in which I am extremely comfortable.  I want an advocate, but I don’t want an unnecessarily contentious relationship with my employer, and I never have to worry about that with IF.  They are always looking out for me and my best interests.  Whether it’s something relating to my contract, my work responsibilities, or anything else, be it professional, or personal, I know that the people at IF have my back.”

  • Dave Revsine
    Big Ten Network

    IF Client Since 1996

    “Why would I recommend IF Management? Well, from a professional perspective, they’ve helped me achieve my goals—moving me from the weekend sports anchor at the worst station in the 88th market to ESPN in a span of just seven months and a decade later to main host at Big Ten Network. But it was how they did it that set IF apart. Steve set into motion his own plan for marketing me, a plan that didn’t include trying to make me fit in with the crowd. He marketed me, not my tape. He didn’t just send me on a reel with 25 other sports guys. He targeted specific jobs he felt I would be a good fit for, eventually helping to get me offers at CNNSI and ESPNews. He did this by emphasizing the things that made me unique, a pitch that included, among other things, my record of academic achievement (which other agents had told me to remove from my resume and “dummy myself down.”) To me, this is what sets IF Management apart from the crowd. They represent only those people they believe in, get to know them as individuals, and market them based on their own unique set of strengths. Signing with IF was the best professional decision I’ve ever made.”