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News and Entertainment

IF represents some of the most respected U.S. broadcasters and international journalists on television.

IF’s news clients span the industry, from the network/national cable level to syndication to the top local markets.  This includes anchors, reporters, correspondents, business analysts, weathercasters, hosts and experts in various niches.  IF also works with production companies and programming divisions at cable networks to provide an expansive range of opportunities for its clients.

With the news cycle now measured in seconds and minutes, it’s imperative for broadcasters to be well-rounded. IF works with its clients to refine their skill sets and help them become as versatile as possible. The goal is for them to be prepared for any situation that arises: a strong on-air delivery, writing a piece on deadline, editing a video with hardly any lead time, or even shooting a breaking news story.


Client Testimonials

  • Victor Blackwell

    IF Client Since 2008

    “I’m sure you’ve heard the talent agent horror stories from your colleagues and friends. They’ve signed with some huge agency that doesn’t really know their talent. The agent never responds to phone calls. When the agent does return the call, the conversation is awkward because there’s no genuine interest — no relationship. Maybe you’ve experienced it.

    Well, the team at IF Management is not the typical, distant and cold agency. Steve, Jeff and the folks at IF Management are partners in my career. We create goals, analyze opportunities and approach challenges — together. I don’t have to hound the team to be more aggressive on my behalf, nor am I ever pressured to take a job based solely on the salary. I could not ask for a better partnership. That started long before I joined CNN. The support and advocacy began when we chose to work with one another when I was a reporter in Jacksonville, FL in 2008. Choosing the team at IF Management as partners in my career is easily one of the best professional choices I’ve made.”

  • Lisa Hernandez
    CBS Houston

    IF Client Since 2009

    “I have to say, signing with an agency was never really something I wanted to do. I mean, I’ve heard my fair share of stories involving agents who sign you — ignore you — bully you into considering jobs you DON’T want.

    But then I met Carol Perry.

    Believe me when I tell you she’s someone you can trust. And she’s going to work her absolute hardest for you. One-thousand percent.

    The great thing about Carol, and about IF as a whole, is that they actually treat you like you matter. You’re family to them. I have pushed Carol to go after markets that two weeks later I’m no longer interested in. And she does it. No questions asked. They’re really an amazing team and they believe in everyone they sign.

    Another thing I love about them is that it’s not about ego. I was once up for correspondent work with NBC and CBS — but Carol didn’t even flinch when I balked at it. Her bottom line was MY happiness. Period. You don’t want to jet set all over the place as a national correspondent? She won’t judge you for it. I was looking for local, full-time anchor work and she got me offers in five of the top ten markets. Without Carol and her impressive contacts, I’d still be sending out my reel hoping for phone calls.

    No matter where this crazy business takes me, I sleep better knowing Carol has my back.”

  • Omar Villafranca
    CBS News

    IF Client Since 2013

    “Jeff Feldman and the team at IF Management have helped me grow professionally. Jeff meticulously worked with me to sharpen my reporting, writing and presentation. They were honest in telling me what I was doing well, and what needed to improve.

    Jeff and the IF Management team know network executives and know what hiring managers are looking for when interviewing talent. Without a doubt, the team at IF Management helped me land my current job with CBS News.”

  • Jericka Duncan
    CBS News

    IF Client Since 2010

    “Finding the right agent can be difficult. You are entrusting your career to someone you barely know. But after meeting Steve Herz and Jeff Feldman in 2010, I felt that IF had my best interests at heart. They helped me go from Buffalo to Philadelphia, and from there to CBS News in New York. More importantly, IF is an agency that cares more about the people than the job. When I had my first child, Steve and Jeff stopped by my home with cupcakes in hand, to see how the baby and I were doing. That kind of care and attention is what makes IF Management different from many others agencies.”

  • Jeff Berardelli
    CBS West Palm Beach

    IF Client Since 1999

    “When I first began searching for representation, I was looking for several key attributes. I wanted a company that honestly cared about their clients’ success and well being. I wanted a company that could think “out of the box” to help place me in a job that best matched my career goals. I wanted a company that would be with me every step of the way in my career, as my business partner, guiding me to make the best decisions for “our” future. And most importantly, I wanted a company that I could trust enough to manage my career, which I have worked so hard to build. When I discovered IF Management, I knew I had found what I was looking for. To this day they have lived up to all my expectations. I am proud to recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a representative that’s not afraid to go the extra mile!”

  • Mireya Villareal
    CBS Dallas / Fortworth

    IF Client Since 2012

    “I never thought I’d need an agent. I mean, agents are the guys (or girls) who help Lebron James take his talents to Miami. Why would I need an agent for the news business? Rookie presumption. I was at the point in my career where I wanted to be treated equally and compensated for the hard work and results I was producing in my market. But walking into a news director’s office and asking for that, no demanding that, is scary and uncomfortable; yes, even for an investigative reporter. That’s where Carol Perry and IF Management come in. They were confident in my abilities and treated me like a person, not just another client. Once I signed on with IF I had meetings all over the country. I walked into ESPN (thanks Steve) and thought, wow – this is what an agent can do for you! They open doors. They set up meetings. They give you advice. They boost your confidence. They recognize your potential and sell your best qualities. Carol Perry fought hard to find the right home for me. She was aggressive and diligent. But more than anything, she listened to what I wanted for myself and for my family and made it happen. And I couldn’t be happier at CBS 11 in Dallas/Fort Worth. Thank you to Carol, Steve and IF Management for all they do.”